Ивановская государственная медицинская академия

educational material for students studying in the language of intermediary. life safety lectures

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Topic №1.1 "The foundations of safety science. Conception and main definitions"

Topic № 1.2 "The man and the technosphere"
Topic № 1.3 "Public safeti arrangements in peacetime"

Topic № 1.4 "Individual respiratory organs protective devices"

Topic № 1.5 "Ionizing radiation" Part 1

Topic № 1.5 "Ionizing radiation" Part 2

Topic № 1.6 "Principles of occupational health and safety "

Topic № 1.7 "Emergency chemical hazardous substances and chemical warfare agents"

Topic № 1.9 «Medical and sanitary provision in the case of local armed conflict or terroristic act.»

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